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Salt is the main product of the company, but this is produced in several different forms and grades. High grades salt is sold to the retail trade and is used in households, bakeries, etc.

Salt Production

The company utilizes salt extraction methods. This consists of evaporating “dams” approximately 60cm deep.

Salt water from boreholes is pumped into the dams so that evaporation can take place.

Our production is approximately 17,000 ton per month.

Salt Production | Kalkpoort Soutwerke CC

Product Transport

We have our own transport from the salt pans to the plant.

The company makes use of various transport contractors as well as an affiliated company for delivery to our clients.


Regular visits to customers by our marketing team will be conducted with the view of improving service and to attend to their requirements in time

Our Customer Service

  • Regular communication with the customers to keep abreast with the customer’s requirements and to ensure effective service.
  • Improving marketing procedure and measures, to maintain quality professional service at all times.
  • Creating a long-term relationship with our customers as long as we will be servicing them even after service.
  • To ensure proficiency delivery, we will always keep backup stock so as to supply customers in case of emergency or shortages.


Coarse/Fine Salt

Chase Hofmann


Coarse/Fine Salt

Lambre Booysen


"Salt makes food more delicious - it's the ideal ingredient to open up or release different flavours in food and in so doing, salt is a key component of food for flavour balancing."

Request for Quotation

If you are an importer or buyer, we encourage you to contact us and discuss with us your requirements. We would be glad to offer you a price quotation and see how we can satisfy your needs and work in collaboration with your esteemed organization.