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Our Culture

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the recognised leader in the Salt Industry , to produce high quality salt for the community through teamwork and employee development.

Our Mission

Kalkpoort Soutwerke is to become the largest salt manufacturing company within a period of five years as per our key man’s experience to produce salt of quality.

We aspire to carry a reputation in the market place for developing and delivering salt products based on our specialised technical knowledge and understanding of the composition of processing requirements.

Our Values

The company values dictated that our product would be business with rarity to ensure best quality for consumer’s satisfaction. Our service will be delivered to our customers with an intension of lifting their profit and for us to reach our target mark.

Our products will undergo an independent test and extensive development to ensure quality through the SABS standard and the HACCP standards of compliance for the global market.

Our endeavour will be guided by our core value that is

Core Values | Kalkpoort Soutwerke CC
  • Service excellence
  • Respect for customers
  • Quality service
  • Just –in –time system of delivery
  • Affordable products to the market
  • Perseverance for perfection through extensive research for bettering our products and staff development and training on a continuous basis.
"Salt makes food more delicious - it's the ideal ingredient to open up or release different flavours in food and in so doing, salt is a key component of food for flavour balancing."

Request for Quotation

If you are an importer or buyer, we encourage you to contact us and discuss with us your requirements. We would be glad to offer you a price quotation and see how we can satisfy your needs and work in collaboration with your esteemed organization.